Bathroom Mirrors

When you look into your bathroom mirror, what do you see? Do you see a clear, accurate representation of your likeness or a warped reflection littered with cracks, scuffs, and spots? Bathroom mirrors are more than just sheets of glass. They are a vital part of every fully functioning, modern home. While many bathroom remodeling projects focus on physically larger features like tubs and toilets, it is important not to forget about your bathroom mirror. After all, we depend on this simple device to aid us with integral parts of our daily routines, like shaving, applying makeup, putting in contact lenses, and more. Since we use bathroom mirrors for so much, it just makes sense to ensure that your home contains high-quality choices that will continue to keep you—and themselves—looking good for years to come.

Contact MDR Glass & Mirror today if it’s time for you to invest in a replacement bathroom mirror installation. Our mirror company will guide customers during selection to make certain you get the best mirror for your needs and perform every bathroom mirror installation with quality tools to ensure that your new addition is firmly affixed and that your property does not sustain any collateral damage.

MDR Glass & Mirror- Residential Bathroom

If you’re still not convinced that installing new bathroom mirrors is a simple and fast way to revitalize your bathroom, consider the following:

Aesthetics. No bathroom can look its best with a startling spot of blank wall over the sink! The bathroom mirror is ubiquitous and vital to your powder room’s overall appearance. Besides being simply expected, a beautiful, quality mirror adds depth and visual interest.

Function. Older mirrors don’t lose their reflectivity as many people believed in the olden days, but they do develop imperfections and warps that create inaccurate and unflattering reflections. Also, changes in your bathroom layout or lighting might not suit your older bathroom mirror. An upgrade to larger or higher-quality bathroom wall mirrors may be the key to achieving a crystal-clear reflection.

Safety. They say a broken mirror brings seven years bad luck. That’s just a superstition, but just like any legend, it is based on a tiny grain of truth—broken mirrors ARE bad luck because of the dangers of jagged glass shards. Cracked and broken bathroom wall mirrors are accidents waiting to happen. Luckily, serious gashes and cuts can be avoided with a quick call to your bathroom mirror installation experts. We can replace your old mirror with a beautiful custom mirror that looks gorgeous and eliminates the danger of cuts and gashes!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the finest mirror company of all? That would be MDR Glass & Mirror, for our amazing selection and reputation for customer satisfaction. If you’re in the Phoenix area and you are interested in a new bathroom mirror installation for your home or business, e-mail or call us today.

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