Glass Cutting Service

Glass adds an extra dash of beauty to our homes and businesses in the form of tabletops, furniture accents, shelves, and more. MDR Glass & Mirror is proud to provide customers with the chance to revamp their style by offering glass cutting services. Unlike glass products featured in stores, custom-cut glass creations are tailored to match our customers’ specific functional and aesthetic goals. Whether you’re looking for unique glass shelves or a custom glass replacement for your curio case, you will receive work that was created specifically with your needs and intentions in mind.

For the sake of your wallet, sanity, and safety, only trust a professional glass cutting company with your glass cutting services needs. MDR Glass & Mirror has the tools, training, and knowledge to not only create work that is visually pleasing and matches all of your specific criteria but to also do so safely. Too often, an overzealous layperson tries their hand at performing their own glass cutting. This can result in a variety of bad situations, ranging from physical injury to accidentally cutting glass to the incorrect size, making it impossible to set into the wooden frame of a table or other piece of furniture. Avoid trips to the hospital and imperfections such as nicks, uneven edges, and cracks. Leave the job to our specialty glass company. We provide professional-quality results each and every time, and always at reasonable prices.

Custom Glass Replacement

Just because the glass to your hutch door broke during your last move doesn’t mean your handsome piece of furniture has been reduced to a second-rate eyesore. This situation can be quickly remedied with custom glass replacement. We’ll select the perfect piece of glass and replicate your original glass so well that no one will ever suspect there was ever an accident in the first place. Custom glass replacement is great for:

  • Interior doors
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Furniture, such as curio cases or commercial displays
  • Or any other piece that is missing glass

MDR Glass & Mirror has been providing Phoenix and surrounding towns with glass cutting services for more than 40 years. In that time, our cut glass company has successfully completed jobs of all sizes, so don’t hesitate to call because you’re afraid that your needs are too massive or minuscule. If there is any way that glass cutting services can improve your home or business, our glass cutting company is here help. From taking precise measurements to ensuring smooth, sanded edges, we’ll make sure that your new installation or custom glass replacement exceeds your expectations and has the strength to serve you for years to come.

For your added benefit, our specialty glass company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

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