Glass Shower Doors

Unlike many other glass companies, MDR Glass & Mirror extends our services to include the installation of glass shower doors. Let us help you keep your bathrooms comfortable and beautiful by making sure that your shower door glass is of superior quality and is properly installed. Whether you want a glass shower door to enhance your home’s style or are interested in an easy-to-clean alternative to a shower curtain, MDR Glass & Mirror will be able to guide you from selection to installation.

MDR Glass & Mirror- Shower Door

You might be thinking that once you’ve seen one glass shower door, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Not true—there is as much variation in shower glass doors as there is in other household features and fixtures, like faucets and sinks. MDR Glass & Mirror can work with standing shower glass doors, bathtub shower doors, and more. We can even install custom glass shower doors that were created with your particular style and needs in mind.

Glass shower doors can be divided into the following main categories:

Framed glass shower doors–Strengthened by a metal base and frame, this choice is durable enough to withstand frequent use and abuse and is a popular among busy families. Framed glass shower doors are also relatively inexpensive and are easier to install than their frameless alternative.

Frameless shower doors–This choice, also known as seamless shower doors, brings a variety of undeniable benefits. The thicker glass and more complicated installation process make frameless shower doors more expensive than their framed counterparts, but these doors are also known for their longevity, ability to increase home value, and easy customization. Glass frameless shower doors can be cut to fit any opening and are a great way to show off beautiful shower tile work, recessed shelving, or other bathroom features. Frameless shower doors also have the ability to open both in and out.

Regardless of which type of glass shower door you choose, it is vital to enlist the help of a professional. The technicians at MDR Glass & Mirror have more than 40 years of experience creating custom glass shower doors and performing the actual installations. From setting the base track in place to cutting the glass to size to applying the final caulk, we will take every step necessary to bring you safe, sturdy doors that keep water inside the shower, where it should be.

Whether you need to replace broken or aged shower door glass or just want to switch from a shower curtain to a door to make your bathroom seem larger and more open, call or e-mail MDR Glass & Mirror today. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process so that you can stay completely comfortable from the project's start to its completion. To learn more about the advantages of glass showers doors, contact us right away.

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